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For anyone interested I just finished up this new script. It has a section to share and install python scripts and batch setups along with downloading all the latest Logik Matchboxes from the Logik Matchbox website.

Download from the site then unzip into /opt/Autodesk/shared/python. Restart Flame if it’s running.

The script will appear in the Flame main menu under Logik.





Nice this is great idea!

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I can’t overstate how incredible I think this is, but I would like to offer a suggestion for making it even more incredible: It would be great if we could put links to tutorials in the description so that users could get an immediate lesson in how to use them.


This is amazing!

Ive pinned this globally…dude, this is really, really something else.

Hi. Unfortunately, when I launch Logik Portal in Flame, I can’t see anything either in Python Scripts or in Batch setup… Am I missing something? Happens on Flame 2020.3, both on Mac and Linux!!

[EDIT] My bad, deleted it, re installed it and it work well sorry.


so I see it in the flame menu but when I select it nothing happens? I deleted and unzipped again - 2021.1.1

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And you restarted the flame application?

yes - a couple times - also restarted mac - also removed and unzipped again in the python folder - I see Logik in the menu and then its shows the portal tab but then when I click it nothing happens

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All right I got another idea for you MB. Open up the python folder where all of these hooks are stored. Do you see a .py and a .pyc file for the logic portal? If you don’t, then there is something else in that python folder that is perhaps getting tripped up and isn’t allowing the python to compile for the logic portal. Do you launch flame via command line? If you do, then there may be some thing in the shell that is helpful. If you don’t, don’t worry, just clear out everything in the python folder…put all of those PY and pyc files in a folder on your desktop temporarily, and put only the logic portal.PY file in that python folder. Then restart flame and see if that works.

Most of the time when python files aren’t doing what they expect it’s that there’s another python file in that folder that is tripping up the compiler and you just don’t notice it.

Are any errors showing in the flame terminal window?


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FYI @MikeV i neglected to mention I saw the same behavior as Mb. The .pyc wasn’t being compiled as there was another .py in the folder hanging things up.

ok kids - back to this as I took the holiday away from the 'puter! @MikeV - no errors show in flamer window BUT @randy here is what my python folder has and here is the error message I am getting - I currently have no other python scripts loaded on this system

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Hey MB

So delete all of that and give this a try. There was a problem with the script recognizing the extra .1 in the version of Flame you’re using. Give it a try and let me know if it works.


logik_portal_v1.1.zip (36.1 KB)

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winner winner chicken dinner!


I love the idea of the portal @MikeV , however I’d appreciate another way to submit hooks. The ones I’ve written for our team often have site specific aspects to them. While I want to share with everyone, sometimes I have to make generic versions which would then conflict with our custom hooks.

In other words, uploading from Flame is a no-go for me. It’d be great to be able to upload them similar to what @julik did for Matchbox shaders.

Just my 2 cents.