Logik Portal 2022

Anyone getting the Logik Portla to work in 2022?? I am not seeing it

@MikeV ?

Unfortunately it won’t work in 2022 yet. 2022 is using a newer version of python. All of my scripts are going to need some adjustments to get them working.


ok good to know!! Thanks!

Here’s a link to the updated version of the portal for 2022. There are only a few scripts up there at the moment. I’ll be adding more as I get through updating scripts for python 3.7.




awesome! Thanks!!

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new question - so I updated ML for 2022 - now I have a job that I need to do in 2021.1 - since all my versions of flame share the python folder - do I need to take out the 2022 script and put back in what script?? or will the 2022 work (I am assuming not ) or can I have multiple versions of ML in python folder and the software knows which to use?

None of the 2022 Portal scripts will work in earlier versions of Flame. So unfortunately you’ll have to move the 2022 scipts out and replace them with the older versions. Kind of a pain but hopefully you won’t have to do it very often. I don’t know that I would recommend keeping both versions in the python folder. That might cause some weirdness with some scripts.

Thats what I assumed - so what is the version I should use for 2021.1?? And can you post a link?? And THANK YOU BTW!! This is awesome!!

You’re very welcome!

For the Portal for 2021.1 you should use this version: Logik Portal — Flame Python Scripts

This version of the Portal only has scripts that work with 2020.x and 2021.x.

Then from there it will only let you install scripts that will work with your version of Flame. So in your case any scripts on the Portal that are for 2021.2 will be greyed out in the Portal.

To make things a little simpler I’ve put download links to versions of the Logik Portal for both Flame 2020/21 and 2022 on the home page.


You’re a legend @MikeV

It is going to be a tricky transition for sure.

Tricky and possibly long. There’s currently a bug in Flame 2022 where python errors are not showing in the Flame terminal. This is making is difficult to impossible to convert some scripts to Flame 2022. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. @fredwarren :slight_smile:

OMG - I owe you a bottle of whatever you drink because ML TW is the SHIT! amazing what it is doing for me!! Thanks so much again!!

That script isn’t mine. @talosh wrote it, so he gets all the thanks for that one. I’ll take the bottle though :slight_smile:

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I owe you both! when your in LA!

Me again - this time in 2022 using fluid morph - I cleaned out the 2021 portal and downloaded and installed logik_portal_v2.1

I see the ML TW in pulldown - I can choose a selection and it asks where to put etc (all normal as I have been doing) but when I hit create nothing happens - no terminal appears and nothing in folder - I have been using this VERY successfully in 2021 but now in 2022 it wont do any of the options

any ideas??

I cleaned out again and re-unzipped and same results


here is what the terminal says

Hmm not sure what happening there with the ML TW script. There’s a good chance it will need to get updated to work with python 3.7 in 2022. @talosh would know best.

However Logik Portal 2.1 should work in 2022. You’ll only see a handful of scripts on there now though compared to 2021. I’ve been running into some problems with the new implementation of python 3.7 in 2022 so I’m holding off on updating more scripts until it gets fixed.

If you’re using a lot of scripts it might be best to keep working on 2021.x until the scripts can be updated for 2022. Hopefully whenever 2022.1 comes out it will fix the problems with python 3.7.

Hi guys, v0.4.3 of a flameTimewarp script should be compatible with python3.7 interpreter that comes with Flame 2022. Please make sure you have this version installed. Should there be any issues please let me know!


oh wow thanks! whats the link for that?

Found it! Thanks again!!