Logik Portal / Flame 2025

For anyone using the Logik Portal and its scripts with Flame 2025, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of the Portal and install new versions of the scripts. There has been a change from Pyside2 to Pyside6 with Flame 2025, which causes a lot of the old scripts to break.

I’ve added columns to the Portal that now display the minimum and maximum versions of Flame that scripts will work with. If a script hasn’t been updated to work with 2025, it will be greyed out and won’t be installable.

If anyone encounters problems with the updated scripts, please let me know!



How does this effect simple scripts I’ve written myself?

It most likely shouldn’t. Scripts will only run into problems with 2025 if they use Qt/PySide for anything. A good number of the scripts on the portal use Qt/Pyside for their UI’s or use the pyflame_lib file which uses Qt/PySide. So they all had to be updated.


MikeV you’re a treasure to this community bro :facepunch:


Thanks MikeV for all your work.

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@MikeV I’m running 2024.2.1 on Rocky Linux 8.7. In the logik portal, some scripts are grayed out and can’t be installed (uber save in this case). It says 2024.9 is the highest allowed version. I should be allowed to install since I’m not on 2025, correct? I assume I can just manual install in the meantime to get around the limitation? Or am I running a newer version of Pyside?

Motizzle! Looks like there’s a little bug with that button. I just uploaded a new version(v5.9.1) of the Portal that should fix it.

@MikeV Worked! Thanks homie!

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Could someone please share the login portal link?
I need to get IT to install all the things again

Thanks in advance


The latest version of the Portal is here:

Thanks @MikeV

Hi everyone
I’m just curious…
I upgraded logik portal on flame 2025 and installed everything I need
Now when I load some of the batch setups, they list certain shaders that are not part of my matchbox shaders. Out of curiosity where do I find them.
Listing them below

shader Fluid Morph in FluidMorph_2024 batch
shader UVWarp in Repeat_Edge batch
shader Round Edge Mask in Round_Edge_Mask batch

Thanks in advance

Those aren’t shaders, they’re batch setups. You have to go to the Batch Setups tab on the Logik Portal to load those.


Hi. I have just updated my machine to rocky 9.3 and flame 2025. Basically none or maybe the 95% of hooks works in 2025 due to update of QT or pyside required for 2025. I can’t live without some of them, for instance xml fix premiere. Is there any way to fix this? or do we have to wait for owners update theirs scripts? :face_with_peeking_eye: :unamused:

Most of the scripts on the Logik Portal have been updated for 2025. You’ll just have to reinstall them through the portal. If you run into any scripts that you’re having a problem with after you reinstall them, let me know.


thanks Mike. I forgot mention that I reinstall all of them from logik portral. As I said, almost none of them works. I don’t know what’s is going on here.

Are you getting any errors in the Flame shell/terminal?

Are you on linux or mac?

I was partly wrong. I copied hooks from wrong folder. So, is not “95%” , but some of them are not updated.

From my installed hooks are not working: “premiere_xml_mediahub” and “timecode_to_clipboard”. Terminal shows “No module named Pyside2”.

Flame 2025.0.1 , Rocky 9.3

Instead of “premiere_xml_mediahub,” grab “fix_premiere_xmls” from the portal.
Not sure about “timecode_to_clipboard.”

If you open the timecode_to_clipboard python script in a text file it should show who is the author. Looks like it was @Stefan

Awkwardly, I have a script on the Portal named copy-positioner-timecode-to-clipboard that has been updated for 2025. Its also available on github. Looks like it might do the same thing. (Sorry @Stefan, I had no idea your script already existed.)