Given that we call our work "setups"

I propose changing the term “Renders” to “Payoffs”, or in limited cases “Punchlines”


Perhaps we should find a different word for “setup.” It reminds me of leftover custard.

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mmmmm…left over custard!

The hip kids call it panna cota. .

In reply to ytf’s comment, I’ve always liked the term “setup”.

I used to work with an artist that ran Alias Composer on “Air Force One” among other films of that era and he used to refer to his project files as “scripts”, a term that I’ve never liked (though its intent does make sense).

Two wistfully-missed Batch features:
The “Process” button (renamed as the agriculturally-adjacent “Render”)
The “Output” node (renamed as the agriculturally-adjacent “Render”)

Given the quality of some of my compositing over the years, ‘punchline’ seems like a good call.