Contributions to Industry Jargon Contest

In case you missed episode #37 of Logik Live, we are going to attempt to infuse a new word into the ever-evolving jargon of our industry. It will follow in the footsteps of words like organic, notes and lift. Add your word in this thread, along with the definition as it applies to our industry, and on Sunday at the holiday zoom we will choose a word that the logik community will then spend the next decade inserting into the everyday vernacular of the business.


This. Is. Amazing. It reminds me of that scene from that old Steve Martin movie, Leap of Faith, where his, umm, someone, bets him that he can’t include the phrase “aluminum siding” in his sermon. I’ve attempted a similar game during client sessions with minimal success. It’s even better to challenge your copywriter client to work it in during a client presentation.

It also reminds me of Webster Dictionary’s latest attempt at adding a word to the English language, ‘niblings,’ which is a word that collectively describes your nieces AND nephews.

My suggestion:

noun: crok ; plural noun: croks

  1. A flock of Flame Artists.
  2. A disorderly or noisy group of Flame Artists.

e.g. “That schedule is a nightmare. You’d need a crok of Flames to have a chance at getting that one done in time.”


Or we just troll everyone every time we hear the word “organic” and, after a lengthy puzzled look, exclaim…“Oh! You mean non-synthetic?”

Vegan? :rofl:

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what’s it mean?

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A lot of people around me have confused organic and vegan using them interchangebly. I guess it’s not universal.

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It could be a great word if it had the right definition.

information fragmentation

The scattering and loss of information between agency, editorial, producers and artists do the use of a million different kinds of delivery systems. Ring Central, Slack, Email, Forwarded email threads, Zoom, Phone etc …



Time spent in the liminal space between first hold and booked where the producer/client/IT dept are calling/emailing/zooming you about a job but you still have not officially been booked yet you couldn’t possibly entertain work from other clients because you’re basically booked - we’ll let you know real soon. In the meantime, why don’t you start on this conform (but don’t worry it’s a lift) and I’ll get you a booking confirmation when I can. And what’s your rate again?



Coprolitic Buffer - one who’s career consists mainly of polishing turds.


Scromp = screen comp


Wrecking Ball: the CD, owner, founder, or member of senior management who, despite a lack of familiarity with the various stages of comments or approvals, must be consulted before shipping and will reliably demand a hard left turn.


I heard this at DD in the 90’s:

“Passing A Pineapple”

Working on or finishing an arduous project or task.

As in:

“Fuck, stiching those moco passes was like passing a pineapple”

“After we pass this pineapple, let’s have a wrap party and get drunk”


Danny, we both know folks at DD didn’t wait for a wrap party to get drunk.


I wanted to record a bunch of kids shouting “SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE!” and make it a button I could hit when people said it in the session.

All of my ideas are great; few will lead to financial gain.


well, you better start somewhere.


Stop. I’m gonna have a heart attack @randy. Seriously I’m laughing so hard it hurts

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I have too many available buttons on my stream deck. Come on. You know you want to.

Did you check out the logik portal? There’s a Batch setup in your honor.

Followed by the kids party yelling from Viva Pinata/Halo Easter egg?