Glitch Effect

Hi guys. Just curious what are you guys using for glitch effects? I have been personally mixing damage and optics but it’s so difficult to refine the details.

crok_digital_glitch is my go to here. Since it is a matchbox, you can use it as a GapFX and place it anywhere on your timeline. Also when playing around with the parameters if you get a nice setting you like, you can put it in the TL FX-Reference bin (what was it called?) and drag over your sequence later.

If you use it in batch or BFX, try keying out the green defects and use it as an alpha to overlay them with some other effects.

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Sapphire TV Damage has tons of amazing presets. It’s my go to.

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I have a few that I go to but some are more controllable than others.

I do like the ls_poly matchbox. A interesting take on the drop into lower resolution.

Had a similar discussion here:

Glitch Idea

Had some nice results doing the following:

  • black coloured source
  • gmask draw a bunch of random splines that intersect a lot and looks like a mess but are are a complete shape
  • deform, then keyframe the offset by around 10-20.
  • crock pixelate
  • 2d transform with tile repeat if needed
  • sometimes works well to multiply/ screen/ subtract… that with some textures from matchbox ‘the noise’ for extra luma variation.

Then plug that into an action as a displacement and mess around with the parameters using Luma Y as the displacement.

As a second layer I use it as a matte with the source plate and change blend modes to something like max lighten and change scale/rotation/position. Can also swing the hue of that extra layer before it goes into the action to make it feel a little more digital

I’m sure there are simpler ways of getting to that result (crock glitch) but because this is all broken out it allows for a lot of control. Whether with the initial mask, pixelate scale, deform speed, displacement amount etc.