Glitch / Tearing fix?

Hi everyone
I’m working on R3D source - some clips (entire take) have a horizontal glitch or image tearing.
Are the clips corrupt ? Graphics card issue ?

I scrolled through the rushes and the problem seems to be in a few clips only. Rest look fine.

Is there any fix ?

System is Z8 - NVIDIA P6000 24GB

I did a movie a while back and every now and again the plates supplied to me would have this very issue.

My “fix” was to flag it to the company providing plates and they did something that would fix it. Given that I was the VFX, I don’t believe their solution was to paint it out since they would have asked me to do that.

I believe they twiddled some settings in the debayering/developing process and made the problem go away.


I had this issue with an M6000 a while back using R3Ds. My fix at the time was use CPU to debayer. Flame really slowed down when I did that but was able to actually work with the plates. When we upgraded to a P6000 (I see you have the same card) those issues went away.

What resolution are the plates?