Archive Restoration Fun - R3Ds

Heyo! I have a unique problem with an archive on a non-time-sensitive personal project. I have an Archive from 2022/2023 that, for the most part, restores and works perfectly in 2023.3. I’m going back to some old shots and doing QC/luma matte prep.

That said there were a few batches where I was dumb in left an R3D clip of a color chart in a far-off corner of the batch. It’s not being used in the comp, it’s just hanging out. Whenever I try to restore these batches specifically, Flame crashes.

I’m curious if anyone has any intel on how to restore these batches without the problematic clip, or otherwise sidestep the issue. Even restoring just the batch without archive media (which basically just contains an NR plate) would be fine for my purposes. Many thanks in advance!

Did you save the batches “old skool?” They should load without media.

I believe I do have the old /opt/Autodesk folder backed up as a tar.gz somewhere, which should hold all of ye old batches! Though I’d like to try and resolve the archiving issue first. Good call!

It should be saved with your archive if you archived project, so if you already have that archive open, it should be under setups. I think there’s a “restore setups” button in there somewhere if you don’t wan to reload the whole project

Oh, good to know! I had no idea. I’ll give this a shot tonight and report back :saluting_face:

It is the first item in the tree under the project name. Highlight “Project Setups” and a “Restore Setups” button will magically appear on the bottom of the screen.

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