Gmail sees Batches as viruses - workaround?

Has anyone found a workaround to sending zips of ascii batches via Gmail? Gmail always refuses to send because it thinks it detects a virus. And of course you can’t attach a folder through gmail, so it has to be compressed.

I want to keep a repository of reusable setups in my gmail if possible. Not to mention sharing with artists on jobs. Any pro-tips?

Hi GP,

If the zip file is smaller than 2 gig, you can use and that should be fine.

Hope this helps!



Hey Grant! Thanks. We do use file sharing services to transfer batches among artists, etc., but I’m wanting to keep a permanent repository of useful setups in Gmail if possible.

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why not use google drive or dropbox? that’s gotta be easier than attaching batch setups to an email.


Google scans its email and drive with the same tools - so I really doubt that would work. But I’ll give it a shot.


Welp I was wrong on that. Drive allows batches, but not Gmail. Good to know. Thanks.

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I also use as theat let’s you send up to 10gb per delivery for free.

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Outlook (at least the web client) also thinks zipped Batches are virally infected.

When I sent myself some setups all I received was a error email calling out two .action files that it did not like.

GPM, have you tried encrypting the .zip? I would think that would work.

A warning about sending big attachments on gmail: Gmail no longer allows you to delete attachments without deleting the email. Big shit adds up FAST and before you know it they are telling you to buy more space. Drive uses up that same amount of space, but at least you can manage it. Also, attachments can multiply when they stay linked to mail that is sent and replied to.


I’ve been sending batch setups to my onedrive and then emailing the link it makes to whomever needs access to it. This has been working well for me for the last few months.

Hope this helps,

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what about zip / rar / 7zip with password?

If those encrypt the content then it’s likely they could work.