Restoring Archive's Setups blasts all prefs? (a warning)

I’m working on a job and another artist archived their setups. I loaded their archive and used the “restore setups” function, as that was the only thing in the archive (we’re not moving media via archive)

It appears this button is actually “replace all current color management prefs, bookmarks, etc” and not, you know “restore batch setups” and holy fuck does that suck.

Would love for that button to be called something else, like “load prefs from archive” since the term “setup” is, at least in the circles I run in, synonymous with effects setups.


Or, “replace all your shit with someone elses!”
I’ve been burned with that too, I always start a new project for when I need to restore setups.



Did it replace your setups files also?

Ok, wow that’s bad… very very very bad.

While I’ve often restored clips or Batch Groups from an archive I think I’ve only once done a “Restore Project” (and have never done a “Restore Setups”).

When I did a “Restore Project” within an existing project I recall that Flame made a directory in ~/batch for the restore (it was called something like “/project_restore” or “restored_setups”) and certainly was not an overwrite.

Until this is fixed perhaps the way to go is to archive setups separately and manually untar them at the filesystem level when needed?

Not the batch setups as far as I can tell. I was manually saving them to a nonstandard location.

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