Batch GMask -> Action GMask

Probably something stupidly easy, but can not find the button for it. How do I copy a Gmask I created in Batch to and Action Gmask? Want to turn what I created in Batch into a 3d shape.

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only works with Gmask Tracer gmasks though.

Not using GMask Tracer. :pensive:
But Thanks anyway.

I think only gmask tracer can be turned into a 3D shape.

If it’s a legacy gmask into mk gmask you can save the setup in batch or export shapes and import them. But I don’t think you’re asking that bit.

Don’t use old Gmask. Period.

In 2022, Gmask tracer now has a dial for uniform softness and other improvements. There’s no reason to use the old Gmask anymore.

This is a struggle for us when we have to take over setups with artists using old Gmask and need to cut and paste either axis data or shape date over to action or a new gmask.


Lesson learned.
Thank you all.