LOL @ Gmask Plane in 2023.3

We’ve finally upgraded facility-wide to 2023.3 from 2022.3.1 and are starting jobs in it this week. There’s been a bug in 2022 with Gmask Plane in Image where if you feather it to one side it artifacts like crazy. I use Plane a fair bit when grading because it’s the quickest, easiest way to feather/grad out a luma key to grade a sky.

In 2023.3, you just…can’t feather it to that side anymore. I just tried it in Batch in a Gmask Tracer, and for a split second when I add the feather I can see the old artifacts pop up and then disappear as Flame prevents me from feathering it to the right. That’s…certainly one way to solve the problem?

rotate the z axis 180 degrees? For the record, I see no artifacts when I do it to the left, and rotating puts the grad on the right.

Right…it’s easy enough to just flip it around and repo accordingly. I was more chuckling at the solution. Can you imagine if we could only feather bezier masks outward?

Well, when you consider that I remember when I had to draw masks on the back of a slate card with a sharpee and put them under a black and white title camera, yes, I can imagine that.

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It’s now artifacting again anyway. Friendship ended with Gmask Plane. Now Gmask is my best friend!

Does turning z-buffer off help?