Gmask Tracer changes shape with Anamorphic Footage

I am working with anamorphic plates. When I toss a gmask tracer in to do some roto work everything seemingly works just fine. If I then use that gmask tracer with either a comp node or action to do a holdback, the gmask tracer will change its shape and will become unusable. This is happening on Flame 2022.2.1 on Centos. Anyone know of any work arounds?

add an axis with an inverted x scale. It might be as simple as 200%, if your anamorphic is 2x. This is speculation, of course, based on other gmask scale issues I’ve run across.

it seems to work. Although if I’m connecting the gmask tracer to the anamorphic footage in the first place then it shouldn’t all of a sudden lose its aspect ratio. It’s like it’s going back to the 4x3 framing after the fact. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why this happens. Sometimes it’s fine and other times it does this wonky nonsense. Super annoying.

I often have gmask aspect ratio issues. I convinced there is rhyme or reason, but I haven’t quite figured it out. There was a time when if you changed from full rez to proxy renders, then changed back to full rez, the gmasks stayed at proxy size and you needed add a resizing axis to them all. I haven’t needed to do proxy renders in years, but I imagine that is fixed.

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I actually remember those days. I just wish I didnt have to live with it today!

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Flame 2022.3.1 on mac. Doing a whole anamorphic job and it’s been fine. (paint reveal still broken, however)

Look at the Camera node values? Is it doing something funky?

The gmaak tracer works fine with anamorphic it’s when unconnecting it from the source media then reconnecting it, it will change aspect ratio

Huh. So I can take a Tracer off an anamorphic plate (3:1). Put it on a square HD plate. It doesn’t line up. But then reconnect to anamorphic and it’s fine. Project setup is UHD 1.778.

There’s probably some bad math happening somethwere.

The real wacky thing is that I’m not connecting it to a different aspect plate after making the gmask. I’m literally just moving the gmask to another node of the same aspect ratio that it was created in and it does it.