Gmask Tracer Edit Box Opacity

Is there a way to change the opacity of the edit box in gmask tracer? I have very low contrast footage and when using the edit box it’s really hard to see below it.

Hi Mark,

Currently there is no way to change the opacity or colour of the EDIT BOX surrounding a Gmask Spline. You can request this via Flame Feedback for the developers to consider.

In the meantime, you could temporarily place a colour correct node before the Gmask and grade the image to make it easier to mask. You can then pull out the colour correct node when you’re done.

Hope this helps!

Hi Grant,

Yes I’m already doing that with an image node. In this instance given the lighting of the plate doing any color correction doesn’t really help too much. Thanks for your response though!

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Yeah I’ve tried all the viewport tricks. But the shot itself didnt have the range to really be able to see the roto edges when the editbox was so bright. If you can adjust almost all the opacities of most icons, it would be helpful to do the same with the edit box.