Gmask tracer - scale down gmask with proportional softness scall down

If you have your mask selected with Edit Box enabled and proportionally scale it down, the softness gradient inside the mask does not scale down. So you have to go in and manually select the softness points and move them after the scale down.

Is there any way around this?

That is one more for: Things I use on a daily base for years, but never realized.

You can do an ‘all selection’ of the mask, after you did the resize. Then all offset vertices are acting the same, when you change the distance of one single one.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. But depending on how your inner gradient points are positioned, trying to move them all at once can do weird things…

I guess I never really noticed, but I tend to work with very little softness while I am animating my points. Once I have a track down that I’m pretty ok with then I start playing with softness. Otherwise I find that my softness has keyframes that I don’t necessarily want and have to clean out before I can start over.