GmaskTracer to Gmask

I think we need to move the masks from GMask Tracer node to old GMask node due to compatibility issues. Is there a way? I try to save Gmask tracer mask and load it from the Gmask but it’s not working…
is there any way to migrate gmask tracer node to gmask?

I have never tried to do this. I don’t know if it’s possible. Can you save the masks as raw and import as raw?

Or change shape to vertex then copy and paste in animation channels?

@johnt how can i change shape to vertex?
and does save the raw means that save by clicking ‘save’ button at right side in node preferences?

It doesn’t seem that it’s easily possible - the data is laid out in a different way in both modules.

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It is not possible.

The gmask tracer was written from scratch to have compatibility with Action. ( including Image). This is for masks and 3D shapes.

The legacy gmask was written long time before that and it’s underlying code/settings/coordinates are completely different to the gmask tracer.

You can try editing text files or making your own conversion scripts but it’s a tough challenge.


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thanks @johnt !!

thanks @La_Flame !!

@ytf Hey Tim…didnt you just figure out something the other day for this?

No. I did action gmask to gmask tracer.