Save action gmasks and load into mask node

I saved my action gmask to a specific location, and then went into my gmask node and tried to load it but its not in that same folder I bookmarked.

Is there another way to load an action gmask into a gmask node?


Legacy gmask and action gmask are not compatible in any way.

Is that why the save option and load option aren’t working?
Where else can you save gmasks and then load them someplace else? I feel like ive done something like this before ?

I’m not sure you can even save only a gmask from within an action. At least not in any format that is readable by either legacy gmask or gmask tracer. If you set the view to see all files when you try to load the mask you may see it, but it won’t load. What you can do is in the action schematic. select the gmask and ctl-C, then in batch load a gmask tracer and in the schematic, ctl-V.

Actually Chris Nollert just figured it out that I need to Load that gmaks in MK in action, save, then you can load in gmask node…! Totally forgot about MK

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I guess . . . but Ctl-C and Ctl-V seems a lot less complicated.

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actually that didn’t seem to work for me though…wouldnt let me copy + paste any gmask…Not sure if its my version?, might be doing something wrong on my end, but thanks for that idea as well!

I probably didn’t explain it very well: GmaskCopy_1.mp4 on Vimeo

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Yassss! Amazing! i see now…However I see that it doesnt work that way for regular gmask node for me, Does it for you? You cant paste that into a gmask node? (not tracer)…Thanks for the vid btw!

No, it does not work for a regular gmask, but the action gmask is the seed from which gmask tracer was grown, so it makes sense. If you’ve gotten some voodoo to work that gets an action mask into a legacy gmask in a batch, I’m surprised, but I haven’t used the legacy mask in years.

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Ahhhhh ok makes sense now! Thanks for the vid!