Good Idea, bad idea? Adding Timezone to you signature

I was wondering what flame people though about adding the timezone info into their signature. I can’t see any negatives, unless you travel a lot.

what do you all think?


So that you can offer sympathy if their question comes to you and you can see that it is 3am with them?


A users local time is available for others to see in their profile when you click on their avatar. Is that what you were thinking Brooks, or something else?

I was more thinking about your own email. Like I’m the signature.

Yes it is probably a good idea.

This reminded me of a little bit from the AICP working remote guidelines.

Scheduling/Time Management

  • While emails are welcomed around the clock, replies should not be expected until business opens the following day. In all instances, texts should be reserved for needs that require immediate action.
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Oh right. In real life. Interesting question. What are you hoping will happen if you do add your time zone to your signature? Or is there a problem that you’re looking to solve?

PlaceYourBetts, I like the AICP ideas, that’s a good way to look at it.

Randy, Honestly, just to remind myself to include timezone when I’m talking time. But I couldn’t see a bad reason to include. I just was making sure. Like I wasn’t doing something taboo, like wearing a hat when it rains, or sunglasses when driving, or saying hello to people on the street.

Ah. Got it. Copy that. That’s a great idea. I was wondering if you were seeking to influence when people email you and what not. I think that’s a lost cause, but, you seeking clarity in who wants what and when sounds like a smashing idea.