Humble suggestion, thought maybe worth considering? Delay the Patreon meeting...?

Hey there folks,

Just thought of an idea and thought I would share, what if the “YouTube meeting” and the “Patron’s only follow-up meeting” were NOT back to back, what if we waited a few hours, or a day and then came back for the follow-up, having had time to digest what we learned, or even watch it again maybe.

The idea being, when we do the follow-up, we may have come up with more questions, ideas, contributions, etc. having had more time to sit with the info. I find myself after both events, some hours later, having all sorts of things I might have added or asked. Smarter folks probably don’t suffer from this as much? : )

Also, maybe more folks would feel compelled to join the Patreon meeting if a topic sinks in for a bit and they know they can still make the follow-up…?

I know we can always follow up here, but thought I would mention it.



I like this idea.

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Not like a horrible idea, however Google “Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve”…You literally start forgetting stuff about 20minutes after you learn it. So its good to practice it while its fresh.

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From a purely logistical perspective, we’re already asking a lot from our guests and Andy. Typically there’s a 30-60 minute initial conversation to develop a theme, a 30-60 minute show run through, a 15 minute tech check, a 60 minute show, and a 60 minute Patron’s Only Q&A.

From a numbers and attendance perspective, it’s actually pretty good. In my little neck of the woods, everybody in my professional circle is slammed. It’s also Summer in the Northern Hemisphere where most of our members are from. Looking back year to year, whilst our absolute traffic and attendance is up, the Summer season just gets a bit slower, so relative traffic and attendance is down. Additionally, every once in a while our topics and guest’s expertise skews toward a U.S. specific subject and scope which is unfortunate, but it’s also our industry’s largest market and we live here and the schedule is also sadly inconvenient for our Australasia friends.

Ten percent seems to be a magic number for us. If I was a betting man, there are about 10,000 Flame Artists across the word. Our forum members currently? 1,300 ish or about 10% of artists worldwide. Our Patrons are about 10% of that at about 140 ish. And 10% of 140 is 14, which is about how many Patrons we’ve had in our more popular shows not in Summer.

If @andymilkis and I were really smart we’d be in speedos soaking in hot tubs on Twitch with 10,000 viewers watching our streams sending traffic to our Only Fans racking up $1.5 million a month and then buy gas stations. But we’re Flame artists. So we aren’t. :slight_smile:

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a valid question, but don’t forget we’re not all on the same time zones as the US, so leaving it a few hours between sessions could make it more difficult to attend for those coming from around the globe.