Google Fonts

Anyone ever find a way to use google fonts in flame?

I’ve used Roboto, one of their earlier fonts as an OpenType in the past (I like how it looks for disclaimers), but haven’t used any of the more recent offerings. What’s wrong with them?

“Roboto Flex”

But you mean, like, swap the entire UI to something other than Discreet?

Yeah, Roboto-Flex. It comes as a wrapped up package. In Photoshop it gives you access to all sorts of parameters, like weights and kernings. In Flame I get Roboto-Flex Regular, and the "a"s all have their insides filled in with black, among other such nonsense. It seems to be the same as Roboto, although the pt size to pixel size relationship seems off. But there’s little stuff like Roboto periods being square and Roboto Flex ones being round. Agency art directors get all up your ass about stupid shit like that. It would be good to be able to use the google font in the flame.

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Things like smart quotes and other alternate punctuation, ligatures, variable fonts, etc. aren’t really supported by the text rendering engine which I think is older than dirt :slight_smile:

However you should still be able to access most alternate characters manually through the on-screen keyboard, or easier just copy/paste if you have it somewhere (I keep a little text file with smart quotes, :tm:, :copyright:, etc so I can just copy them easily without digging through the keyboard.)

Some of the newer fancier OpenType things just aren’t supported. :frowning:

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Ah, yeah we’re in that same dishwasher right now. All Roboto is done in AE or Photoshop and imported into Flame.

Text really needs a little love…

Can’t you just download them? I’ve done that a lot or am I missing something?

They may not be all the same font. The font in question (Roboto-Flex) only comes as a family. The family can’t be accessed in the flame. When I tried to download them individually, the zip file was always the same as the whole family zip file. Also, I don’t know if you are mac or Linux, but there might be a difference in behavior.