Missing Fonts

Hi Everyone.

I’ve archived a job in that has fonts missing which have defaulted to the Discreet font. Ive also been given the fonts which I have copied into Opt/autodesk/fonts

So I deleted the clip and re archived the back in in the hope it would fix the fonts and still it defaults to discreet font and doesn’t tell me what went where. Does anyone know the any fix for this as it’s driving me mad. Many thanks Marcus .

So on closer inspection and double clicking on the text node it appears that the fonts weren’t stored in the font folder so they haven’t travelled well. Ball ache.

Argh. Been burnt by this myself.

I started to leave a note (shift-v) on my text nodes. Naming the font and file path. Then I decided doing a prerender was a good idea.

All of that has fallen by the wayside and I am back into my old laziness.

Waiting for my next burn.

Would it be better for the text node to refuse to function but remember the old path and font name? Or better that it substitutes and keeps going? Hmmm

I would love if

  • it would always cache the latest render from the node. So even if the font is missing, the node still renders its last state (of course the text can’t be changed in this state without substitution)
  • it keeps the file path even if its not available. In case of a missing font, it would prompt you if you want to keep the old path (read-only mode, can’t change the text) or substitute with another font.
  • fonts were cached with the flame archive.

In can’t think of any usecase for: “please delete the font I chose before and just substitute it with the default font without telling me what it used to be” … :smiley:


“Would you like to substitute all your fonts then try and guess which one was used originally on each line. Oh yes please as that sounds like a super fun game to me.” :joy:

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