Font Previews

Anyone know of a way to get Flame to show letters other than Aa on all the previews for font selections?

When trying to match fonts its almost never the A that’s the relevant shape that needs to be found!


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Near the bottom of the init.cfg file there is a line. If it’s commented out I think it defaults to Aa. I seem to recall trying to change it once but don’t remember if it worked. I think you might need to wait for it to regen all the proxies. I have over 4000 fonts.

thanks Tim…i’ll check that out when i get a chance.

If you use the Text module to write your text, and go to change your font, your text will be used as the preview text.

Ah but you need to select the font for that. My bad.

it’s more a problem with the small preview of each font - when you have hundreds its a pain having to select each font to see the full preview. Often the Text i’m matching doesn’t even have an A or a, and one of the letters has a certain style - so if i could set that letter as the reference, it would be much easier to scan through the list of fonts.

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The text module could use some modernization. The last update was when they deprecated cuniform.

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Yes font matching is a pain. What I do sometimes is use a web service called “what the font” to get me the name of the font I’m matching to.


Yes! I always start here.

Is Flame text used for anything but legal disclaimers? Going strong since 1997!

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I use it, specially when I don’t need anything too complex.

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I recently used it in a motion graphics job.

Why can’t you cycle through fonts with the up and down keys? Drives me mad.
Also in older versions of flame when you went back into the text tool it took you to the font you had selected… now you have to scroll down to find it.

Its the little things!

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I once did a graphics job using 3D text and Wingdings. Pushing the envelope…

Don’t get me going . . . .

I have a request in to fix or add that back in.
I’ll see if I can find it. It was a couple of years ago now.

Text is so old, particles calls it grandpa. . . . . We’ve been asking for updates for text for 20 years or more. Just bring it up to the 21st century is all I ask.