Gradient Defined Noise Texture?

You know how you can pipe a grad into Y_lens_blur, or the DoF node and get a blur who’s size is goverened by the gradient?

I’d like that but for noise, so where the grad is white, the noise is very large and chunky but becomes smaller and as the image goes to black (or vice versa)

I can’t think of a way to do this at the moment and my sincere wish is one of you brilliant people can see a way where I cannot.

Thanks for any help.

Wonder if the diffuse matchbox could be tweaked

Maybe a displace map?

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If you have Resolve at hand is easy to do in Fusion. Or Nuke with the Merge Expression tool.

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Don’t leave us in suspense. What does the Merge Expression tool do :blush:

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lets you do pixel expressions between two streams.

Inside the streams you can have any number of layers/channels

This is only to illustrate Andy’s request… in reality, this can be accomplished with a single expression node and the two images coming as layers though one stream. the expression can reference the layers channels the same way.


It’s fucked up that in 2023 flame STILL does not ship with any kind of a noise generator and we rely on the kindness of our peers and plugins to accomplish such a crucial task.


you can put a “_____” at “flame” and “noise generator”
turn it into a thread

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hahaha. seriously.

whats wrong with Substance?

It’s slow as hell and gives you bad-CG looking textures.