Noise 3D - position pass

Hey all,

I’ve seen an interesting technique in Nuke, and I’m trying to apply it in Flame, haven’t quite succeeded yet.

This is coming from here, around min 4:15.

I want to add a 3d noise on the surface using a position pass. As I understand it, he is multiplying the noise by the color channels in the alpha. With the expression: noise(r,g,b)

Can we do it or something similar in Flame?

Not in Flame now, but I have the feeling I have seeing a Matchbox for it.

Create a frame of color noise and multiply your ppass but I suspect the noise function is adding noise, not multiplying it.

Maybe first multiply that colored noise frame by some value… example 2.0, and then subtract half that value from it, 1.0, and then add it to the ppass. That should give you negative values as well as positive ones.

Can’t remember for certain but I think LS_vops will do simple vector math. Otherwise you can do it with color sources and the comp node.

Thanks for that. There is matchbox called LS_Vops, I guess this is the one that you mean. It is not working for me at the moment, but I will keep trying!