Grass replace

Hi guys,

I need to replace some grass underneath a product shot on grass. The client wants shorter grass. I found a grass texture in presets but not sure if it is possible to get some depth out of it. Any ideas

Hey @johnag

No idea about the grass preset sorry. I try and stay away from that generated stuff if possible. Takes me too long to make it look good.

I approach it from the other direction. Try and get a real grass texture and try and bed that into the shot.

I have emailed some of my grass textures. They are only sRGB but they have worked for me in the past.

Also if you really need some HDR images, grass is fairly easy to come by at least in NZ :grin: . You can photograph your own.


Thanks @PlaceYourBetts. You are right about the presets. Takes too long to fiddle with.

I guess it’s a bit like sky replace. No point trying to generate something. Just find a good hires shot.

Photoshop beta generative fill? I’ve got some incredibly useful matte painting elements out of it.

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You could try using a photo of real grass shot from above and then add some displacement to it. It looks pretty pretty good.


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This is a really easy thing to do in Blender. Free software with a few cheap grass and tree packs make this an easy thing to solve.

I thought Flame was “the blender machine”


Back when I was messing with hijacked position maps, I came up with something that could be used as grass – polygons in Action, and with controllable wind turbulence, etc. So it can be done in Flame technically. But I wouldn’t suggest the hassle.


And a $29 solution: Turbosquid



But seriously, here is a zip of a batch that can probably be opened even back in 2021. It also features the hidden “rotation” parameter you can use when writing particle functions… (72.7 KB)


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This potential Grass Renderdome would go against the MadMax locations manager!


You guys rock. so many avenues!

Thanks for all the input.