Hardware Setup (GPU Q and Remote Q)

Hello Community,

After a long night or 2, I completed my hardware Linux setup. I have two questions:

  1. I have 4 GPUs connected via NVLINK. What is the easiest way to verify that it is fully working / Leveraging the GPUs

  2. I primarily work on my Mac Studio and would like to access the Flame remotely. I have a 10G fiber network. I know back in the day it was Teradici, what is the right solution these days? I looked at Parsec

Thank you

Flame doesn’t support NVLINK, so best case is getting it to use one of those GPUs as a main and then being able to background render on another.

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Yo! Quad GPUs? Damn! I have no idea about the quad GPU side, but, regarding controlling your LInux box from your Mac, Teradici is still the way to go.

Broad points/instructions…

You are looking for HP Anywhere Professional, Single License…
https://store.teradici.com/1454/?scope=checkout&cart=208357. Buy one license. In a bit they will email you a license string. Save that. Don’t share it.

Login to the Teradici site and visit the HP Anywhere Graphics Agent for Linux page, here… https://docs.teradici.com/find/product/hp-anyware/2023.08/graphics-agent-for-linux and follow the instructions to download and install the Graphics Agent. My old notes, WHICH ARE LIKELY OBSOLETE IN THEIR ABSOLUTE PATHS BUT STILL ARE CORRECT IN THE RELATIVE STEPS YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE…

curl -1sLf https://dl.teradici.com/DQc5UQL6NpoGOd0u/pcoip-agent/cfg/setup/bash.rpm.sh | sudo -E distro=el codename=8 bash

Install the USB Virtual Host Controller Interface

sudo yum install usb-vhci
dnf install usb-vhci

Install the PCoIP Graphics Agent
dnf install pcoip-agent-graphics -y

After the install, the machine’s screen will go blank. This is normal. Reboot the machine via SSH or via hard reboot. Upon reboot, the machine will give you a flashing cursor. Hit a few buttons on the keyboard/ Control C to bring up a text login. Login.

Start a GUI session



License the PCoIP Graphics Agent
pcoip-register-host --registration-code=INSERT LICENSE STRING HERE

Enable the PCoIP Graphics Agent
systemctl enable pcoip

Restart the PCOIP Graphics Agent
systemctl restart pcoip

Log out.


Don’t log in.

Then, download the latest HP Anywhere PCoIP Client for your client machine.


Once installed, open the PCoIP Software Client and type in your local IP address. If you aren’t on thee same network, install Tailscale on both the Client and Server machine, and type in your Tailscale IP. www.tailscale.com has all the installers and couldn’t be easier.

The first time you try to connect it won’t give you any mouse clicks or keyboard buttons. Disconnect via killing the PCoIP Application via Force Quit. The next time you connect it should work just fine.


Thanks Randy, super helpful! I hope all is well - its been a few years :wink:

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Just installed and ran Teradici up for the first time. Soooo fucking underwhelming… Even DCV is better than this garbage.

Doesn’t seem to respect tablet orientation correctly and it immediately knocked out my Flame install so I have reinstall. What’s up with having to use a different window manager as well. Sigh…


If I read the original post correct, @benjaminspiegel is looking for remote control in-office, not from remote site?

I often do the same as my Linux box is in a different room than my MacStudio that I use for a lot of other work, and sometimes it’s just easier to login remote vs. walking downstairs. I’ve setup RealVNC (I think TigerVNC comes pre-installed, but there was some advantage to RealVNC I believe).

We had Teradici a few years ago, and it was a PITA. We hoped HP would make it better when they acquired it, but no evidence of that so far, and so we gave up. Teradici was supposed to help with tablet control and with sync audio, and at least on audio it did help. However, other tools have long since caught up.

Teradici is nice if you want to run a headless machine. VNC requires physical monitors to be present. But if you’re doing remote access only from time to time, and otherwise use the physical monitors, that’s not an issue.

So after the above I can’t run up flame. Uninstalled 2024.1 reinstalled the DKU and then reinstalled Flame and I keep getting the same thing:

Fatal: (?:0 ?) This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, vnc, xcb.

What am I missing? This is after installing Teradici btw…

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Ah. Away from the computer but I forgot a step.

Open up the flame set up application. Look for the environment variables tab. Set an environment variable to be instead of display equals one to display equals zero.

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These instructions work as well.


Thanks, Google beat you to it but I appreciate the grind.

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…and as for the rest of my ranting it’s totally RTFM I see now.

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Last question before I set something on fire. I’ve uninstalled it all, and now x won’t start on boot. Any fixes?


sudo systemctl enable gdm.service
sudo systemctl start gdm.service

…and with that I’m safely out of that insanity. NiceDCV is looking better and better by the second.

So with Teradici, you either run it in remote or local mode. It doesn’t do both simultaneously. So for me, I just type in startx on boot to login and all is well.

Some, like Alan, have a Streamdeck button that runs the commands to turn it on and off for remote or local mode.

Thanks for that. I could manually start x from the console and over ssh but I hadn’t caught that it had disabled the window manager during install. Soooo when I uninstalled and tried to revert back to remote boost things were failing since a reboot wasn’t starting gdm.

Once I stopped being pissy and thought about it, I realized what was going on…

Thanks again for your input man. Appreciate all you do here :black_heart:

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Dude, the battles I fought trying to get Teradici Corp. to fix their bugs. It’s definitely garbage, but it’s the best garbage there is. I’ve played with DCV, I’ve found it to be underwhelming, and have its load of bugs.

You don’t need to use a different Window Manager with Teradici, it is specifiable. Call me up if you have any questions. We’ve gotten Teradici to be tolerable (just working barely enough).


Hahah, Dude, all good. I went through the EXACT range of emotions you did. It’s always entertaining, isn’t it?

Bruce Willis Party GIF by IFC

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

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