Highpoint 7505 and Lenovo P620 incompatibility

Anyone with an old legacy Linux workstation that’s looking for small capacity, high performance framestore, or better yet high performance cache for tiered storage:

~$350 - 6.4 TB Intel P4608

These devices will consistently stream well over 2GB per second (up to 5GB second), and won’t choke - these aren’t burst values.

You can RAID them.
You can RAID them as cache devices on ZFS.

Probably quite useful as a cache system on a project server, where you’re not occupying slots with GPUs.

I used similar devices almost 10 years ago to accelerate NAS feeds to workstations, and smaller capacities for local stones for cacheing.

They’re pretty bulletproof, and they’re cheaper than a Happy Meal.

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Just Say No, to local storage.

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