Anybody out there using Icydocks? Im looking to add some storage to my P620. Ive got 2 internal drive bays and a couple of 5.25in drive bays on the front that is itchin’ for some ssds.

Some super dumb questions. I haven’t done anything like this in years. If I have 6 Sata ports available on my motherboard, the Sata carries power and data, right? And I can manage that RAID 0 in the Lenovo Bios, right, for a simple 2nd ‘slow’ framestore? And if the Icydock is powered by a 15 pin Sata connector, I can simply buy cable for that, right?

Also, the Icydock ssd trays look perfect. But, the NVME trays look rad as well. Those have some kind of other connector on the back…OCulinks. So, the Oculink is a pcie card that connects to the back of the NVME Icydock tray?

sata does not carry power its 2 cables needed for that.
If you are talking abouyt the iczdock thing that I think about it should have a waz to distribute the power from jsut 2 cabled or whatever as the sata power can deal with large spinning rust so it can easily power a few SSDs from a single cable. this is a sas backplane from icydock but same idea.


Lenovo Bios Raid I am not 100% sure but it should AMD VROC *virtual Raid on chip type thing I guess. you can always just do a software array as well.

Which Icydock stuff are you looking at, they have a whole array of funky disk related things, generally they are very cheaply made and ive had lots of issues with various things they make so I generally try to stay away from them.

regarding OCulink , if your mainboard has U.2 Slots might rather use those, but you can just put NVMEs directlty on a quad card and use them this way, the U.2 and OCulink is more like for having 2.5 inch NVME drives more for servers e.t.c when you need like 32 or more of them on backplanes.

tbh if you dont have ssds just collecting dust, go NVME, get some cheaper Sabrent Rocket drives or something and raid them up :slight_smile: