Houdini on Mac Pro

Sonive got houdini installed on big sur 11.4 but openCL isnt working at all not cpu nor gpu.

Also bootcamp just fails to install windows … eh is anybody working with houdini under macOS? does vellum work for you ? I am at a compelte loss as why this isnt working.

I tried Houdini on Mac for a little bit. Switched over to Linux Mint. The performance gains are just too crazy. 20-30 percent. I even have one of my Houdini’s running on a PC and I like that over Mac. Less crashing in sims. I am using a threadripper.

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Yeah i have used Houdini on macOS Catalina for a long time. Works ok, but is slow. Also on Fedora. Works really well.

yea i found it to be completely useless on macos as well… just wow , cant get opencl to work in 18.5 but work in 18.0 … I just switched back to anproper computer with nvidia gpu … this mac i am not impressed

Works on 18.5 here, but not well. Funny, because positive quotes from sidefx were part of Apple’s promotion of the new Mac pro

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weird ist just doesnt work at all on bug sur, only uses cpu then crashes with errors, on 18.0 it uses gpu as expected but its still slow … meh.