How do I minimize flame on a mac?

How do I minimize flame on a mac? I’ve done it by accident once, I think I used “help” and it opened chrome but I cannot figure out how to just hide the app while it’s running. Sorry newbie bs AND thank you!!!

I usually command ( ) + tab until I can see the dock and then hide it by clicking on the Flame icon.

Fun fact, once you have the cmd+tab app ribbon up, you can keep holding cmd and hit H to hide things. Or Q to quit them.


That’s great thank you!

F11 on mine.

I would recommend the use of spaces. I use three horizontal spaces: one for flame, other for desktop (finder), other for internet/spotify whatever. Set in preferences shorcuts to switch to left and right,(that do not cause in conflict with flame) and enjoy.

The standard Command-H macOS shortcut to hide an application works directly from Flame.