How to output a 3D shadow cast?

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a 3D element and I’ve been trying to generate a shadow cast via a light but I wonder whether there is a way for me to output just the shadow on its own?

My approach is:

  • Import a white frame. Place it in perspective. Select “invisible receiver” and toggle the blending mode to multiply.

Is this possible at all?

Thank you in advance!


One of actions output modes is shadow. Select that and set the object to invisible caster and the object that receives the shadow as invisible receiver and you should get the shadow on white that you can use downstream with multiply (or any other setting if you want)


Ah brilliant.

I was playing with this for a bit and couldn’t get the shadows on that output as you described but then I realised I needed to select light node of which the shadow cast was actually coming from. So when I selected the right light within the output menu, boom, I got exactly what you said.

Thank you so much, really helpful!

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