How to point Flame to a macOS system font (OTF)?


would like to use on of the “macOS system fonts”, but since this font folder is “hidden”
even for the macOS Admin (in newer macOS-versions) it’s not working like I expected.

Is this really not possible, or am i doing something wrong?

Or is it better just to copy the font to the footage/project folder in oder to be included
in a “Flame Archive” once the project ends, and to point Flame manually to this
font folder?

Thank’s a lot!


I am on Flame 2021.2 and Catalina

its really easy…
in your text tool click on the button labelled Discreet. This is the default font…clicking will open the dialogue to find your system font.

you’ll then see a dropdown menu with several folders - one called System Fonts…and they’re in here.

If you want to add your user fonts, rather than system fonts, then navigate to where the folder is and once there make a bookmark so you can get back easier in future.

Thank’s for the help! I installed a font as admin and I expected it to be a “system font”, but was unable to find it’s location in the filesystem.

After changing the prefs in FontBook from “user” to “computer” the newly installed fonts are availabe in
“System Fonts” of Flame :slight_smile:

Hi Joe,

This is one of the many delights of the Mac OS. Multiple locations for fonts :blush:

Regardless of this, if you want to access the fonts installed under your user and not computer (system), you go to the following path: