Missing Font

Flame 2022.1 // Catalina

Flame is missing Fonts on the server…
BUT… the sym-link to /opt/Autodesk/font is working and in finder i can c my ttf.
Also, if i enter the text-node, which told me, that the font is missing, and navigate to /opt/Autodesk/font, all fonts are there…
There are no Spaces in the path-name.
Font is located in folder AudiType_4.03/AudiType-Normal_4.03.ttf
Is the Dot an issue?
What am i missing?

1k thx in advance

The text module has been doing this to me for the last 18 years. It’s never gonna get fixed. Don’t get too attached to your setups.

Yes, the dot is a problem

THX again, Tim!

actually… no.
i changed everything, replaced all dots by underscores…
same shit happens again…
Flame2022.1 forgets the typo.

That not withstanding, you should never have a dot in a path unless it is ahead of the extension. If you are still having the same problem it could be that the fonts are still referencing the old path name.


nope… the error message shows the correct path.
funny thing: i have an error message, next segment has no error message and finds the correct font at the same location, and going to the next txt in TL has again the error message pointing to the exact same location…


i think, workarround will be to have a rsync-script on all flames which keeps the fonts from server in sync with /opt/autodesk/font
…and then use the local fonts… unless Autodesk will do something about it… …but hey… it’s the title-tool… :smiley: :smiley: