HP RGS requests?

Hey people.

I’m going to be having a conference with the team behind HP RGS. In addition to increased color accuracy, does anyone have requests for things they would like to see? I’m not interested in fielding technical support questions, only new or improved feature set requests.



That’s pretty much the main one for myself, color accuracy/4:4:4. Curious to hear back how they respond.

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Mac receiver / Linux sender with pen pressure sensitivity please!


Windows receiver / Linux sender with pen pressure sensitivity please!

The option to store various login and PW.


Ability to set screen resolution to receiver screen(when you connect, without intervention from an engineer). Automatically set screen resolution to “receiver” screen.

This works for us already, linux to linux at least.

This would be Linux to Mac.

it actually is 4:4:4 allready :slight_smile:

here is my wishlist :slight_smile:

-10bit option
-4:4:4 HEVC/NVenc option like Parsec.
(basically something to counter pcoipUltra).

-Mac sender (parsec is going to have one soon so is teradici).

-Broker server (like teradici CAC) so we cna have secure access to out machines without VPN to get that sweet UDP speed.

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I think currently only with the RAW or HP3 option.

yes hp3/raw and I think jpegLS as well? hence my request for HEVC/Nvenc but that just matches what you requested in the hp forums a long time ago…

Which codec is being used when you have advanced video selected? I’m not seeing 444 which is highly noticeable in batch when connecting any nodes (i.e. thin red lines look like crap). Maybe there’s something wrong with my config then…

AVC is 4:2:0, basicslly h264 :slight_smile:

if you deselect it it goes to HP3 unless you go in the config and change it to jpeg-Las ehoch is even better quality.

I dont use avc but zi have enough bandwith.

Ah, got it. Thanks for clarification.