Apple Event Watch Party today at 12:30p ET on the Discord!

Apple’s doing an event today (We’re all hoping for M1X MacBook Pros) and we’re doing a Watch Party on the Logik Discord. The fun begins at 12:30p ET in the Flame Hangout Channel. Just click on the Discord link at the top of the Forum.

see you there!

So now I’m curious when Flame might run on these (and also what specs I’d need to get for hp zentral). I need a new laptop urgently, and wondering if it’s worth spec-ing up so I can take Flame on the road with it… any secret info anyone?

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I have secrets to share but sadly they are all about different ways to garnish pancakes.

Will mentioned it on last week’s Logik Live that it was something they were looking into. Thats likely all we’ll get until it’s legitimately supported.

Wait…you asked about specs for HP…are you asking about specs for HP Z Remote Boost?

yeah, right now I use my Mac Pro to vpn into machines for some clients. Just wondering how powerful a laptop should be for that purpose.

Ah! It doesn’t have to be squat!

My favorite little computer for that kinda stuff is a Lenovo Tiny 340.

We chatted a bit about options here…

Any of those models should work. The Lenovo I think it might have been @ALan 's recommendation. The Windows experience, and, if you are REALLY up for it, maybe get Mr Susanne to hook you up with a dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. Ubuntu and Windows mean pen pressure sensitivity with RGS and far easier USB Bridge mode for Teragucci. Using a laptop will require an external screen of course, which Im sure you have. Just be mindful of resolution for that. 1920x1200 is safest, but some go for whatever the next size up is. 2500x1800 something ish?

I wonder what having our work judged on a 1000 nit HDR screen is going to do to our approvals process!

Thanks Randy. Now if only I knew who the Mr Susanne is that you are referring to? (And I’ll stick with Mac for a laptop as I will mostly use for other tasks… just wanted to make sure I could use it in a pinch when I’m away from my home setup)

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Your hubby? I vaguely remember him being an adventurous pc user. Perhaps my memory has failed me.