RGS performance regression?

Has anyone upgrade to RGS 20.2 on Linux? I’m trying to diagnose a massive performance regression. There were a few changes on my backend all at once, so I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

running this as well on many machines - no complaints and I havent seen any changes in performance . I feel
like performance has gotten better actually.

Version 20.20?? Using AVC?

no but I can try that. do you have that issue from every client OS?

just tried with a mac client on my sofa using AVC and I get straight up 60fps, I just installed 20.20 yet again to make sure its the right version on the host - no issues. AVC or not.

Maybe it is unique to Ubuntu. I’m getting half FPS and tons of lag.

I can try ubuntu as a client later as well. macOS and CentOS and windows as clients works however :slight_smile:

HP has confirmed an issue with the Linux receiver version 20.20. Continue using receiver version 20.1.2 until further notice.


ah intersting! I didnt end up trying cool thx for the heads up

This issue might only pertain to using AVC.