Video for Logik Live Patreon session?

Due to timezone and language issue :sweat_smile: I tend to watch Logik Live video offline. It’s a great pity that, as a Logik Patreon and knowing that there’s lot more juicy going on in the menbership session after each episode, I can’t find any video recording for replay.

Is it possible to have a section for Logik Patreon (or the member of Logik Academy Pro) to access not only each episode but the Pateron session as well? It’d be even better if there has Q&A or discuss forum for each episode so members with interest could have deeper dive-in~

My truly thanks for such a great forum and talented people! Wish all the best~

Try this forum topic


Thanks @johnag!

John is correct. All of the Patron’s Only Q&A Sessions are in fact recorded and posted to the Patron’s Category here on the Forums. I’ve had a quick peek, and @JeffChin I believe the reason you aren’t seeing them is because you have 2 different emails for Patron and the Forums. If you update your emails on both platforms to be the same, within 4-5 hours you should see the Patron’s Only Category here, linked above by John.

Besides the recordings themselves, the Patron’s Category here doesn’t get a ton of activity. You’re not missing more than a handful of topics/questions.

If after you update your account on both sites to be the same, I have a sync task that should give you access. If it doesn’t happen within 4-5 hours, please drop me a line at and I will assist you.

Thank you!!!


With such great Flame companions, no wonder I can always feel warm here~ :smiling_face:

Great thanks @johnag and @randy for kindly reminding and help!!

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