Logik Live Summer Party

Join me on Sunday, August 30th @ 3pm EDT for the virtual social event of the summer! No demos, no shot breakdowns, just a chance for everyone to hang out and catch up. Huge thanks to @Maury Rosenfeld for the excellent idea!!

Plus, Boris FX has given me a 12-month license of Silhouette Paint to give away, and I have a pretty big announcement to make! 😉

We’re going to do this as a regular Zoom meeting, so please head on over to:

and fill out the registration form. I’ll send out the Zoom meeting link and password on the day of the event. Please don’t share them with anyone.

Thanks so much to BorisFX, and to Cinesys-Oceana for supporting Logik Live!

@andymilkis @Miriam


This link to the summer party is copied from Facebook so when you click on it, a message pops up warning you that you’re “leaving FB”… wanna swap it for a link direct from the Logik page?

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done! Thanks!

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Hi Randy,

that is awesome! Thanks for passing on the email. Is this anywhere on Instagram or Twitter so I could share? Can I just make a post myself or are you planning on keeping this exclusive to Logik in which case I can contact individuals who can pass on the info?

I’m passing on the link to the ones I know. This will be 8pm UK time which is ideal could put up reminders on social media leading up to the event.


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Hi Miriam,

Feel free to spread the word…and THANK YOU!!



I haven’t receveid any zoom invitation, have I mist something ?

Same here!

try this

Meeting ID: 810 5043 4924
Passcode: 028701

Hey everyone that made the party, that was tons of fun. Thanks for taking time out of your busy weekend schedules, dialing in from 5am across the globe, watching and listening in from work, sneaking a peak while the 2 year old sleeps, and gettin’ kicked out of the house for being too loud.

Til next time…

Agreed! Thank you EVERYONE for joining us. It was so great to see everyone’s faces! Gonna try to do these more frequently. :heart::fire::vulcan_salute:t2:

Thanks @andymilkis for another fun thingamaroo! You stepped up your game and that was not a

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