I9 13900k on Flame

Do we already have support for Flame in the new Generation of processors?

is there anyone that tried this?

Considering to do this today i have a 13900K and a 4090 system ready to go, should absolutely SLAY flame.


Nope! but curious to see how Flame/Rocky performs scheduling tasks for the P and E cores. Let us know :slight_smile:

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Exactly… RockyLinux 8.7, which is the most current version of 8, still has an old kernel, which might not have optimal support for split P/E cores. It is possible Red Hat has backported some support for them, but I don’t know.

Even RHEL/RockyLinux 9 has a relatively old kernel that lacks support for some enhanced functions of the newer Intel CPUs that we use for our streaming solutions.

But if you have the hardware already, won’t hurt to try and maybe its fine.

But the big question is, why? If you are using said CPU, then that really sounds like consumer “gaming rig” hardware. If this is a machine you are going to make money from, just spend a little more and get a proper Dell ThreadRipper workstation. They are so solidly built they will last you many years, and the ThreadRippers are wonderfully fast.


Its more for the fun of it, its a nuke workstation with a 4090 might as well see what those new chips can do in flame. Wouldnt buy a machine like that as a flame machine .

the 13900K has the best single core performance of all chips out there, ive had great results with a ryzen 5950x.

The 13900K in cinebench is almost the same speed as the 32 core threadripper in multicore as well :smiley:

We recently got a few 5975WX with A5500 GPUs.
We also have several 5995WX w/A6000 GPU.

Running the 5995WX with SMT off yields a 20% improvement in our Batch renders over 5995WX with SMT on.
The 5975WX wA5500 is only slightly slower than 5995WX SMT off.

So for about half the price, you can get basically the same performance.


I have one of the 12900k ones. Last time I checked Adsk Rocky 8.5 kernel didn’t support the performance cores. Read it was more of a 5.15+ Kernel thing. I may be wrong. I did the Flame benchmark thingy and posted the results in the spreadsheet… was pretty good at the time.

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How did it go with the 4090? Any issues?

havent tried yet…

4090 is so large, I can only fit 1 more pciE card, so i can have either a bm card OR a framestore , 4090 is 4 slots, its ridicolous I would need to watercool the 4090 to fit both …

Yeah I was wondering about that. Pretty much every thing I read about the 4090 starts with “so I got it working after I removed the fan…”

i have a second machine with a mainboard that leaves enough space to fit 2 cards and a 4090…

But that one doesnt have 10Gbit build in so, no deal :rofl: I an still going to try it with a single nvme framestore just for giggles at some point but so far I am pretty happy with my 5th gen ryzen/ 3090 system, runs circles around the mac pro :sweat_smile:


honestly my laptop with a Ryzen 9 5900HX and a 3070 does a fairly good job compared to some macs I got to use. So your set up should be quite comfortable.