IATSE has entered the chat…

Ugh. Not another one.

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“Nothing is off the table, and we’re not going to give up our strength and our ability because they [studios] think they sapped us and everybody’s bank account got sapped because they were unreasonable for months and months,”

I’m pro union and that’s an admirable sentiment, but how in reality can the sapping of bank accounts (which 100% did happen) not have diminished the willingness to strike of rank and file IATSE members? Seems blustery to me. But I guess we’ll see.

Nobody’s gonna get anything in a negotiation with studios if they walk in saying, “too many strikes recently.”

Lord knows none of us want another strike, but I support them. If we ever manage to form a union it will probably be with them.


I’m technically a member of IATSE for legacy reasons and I stand behind my brethren — because this strike will only help my corp’s bottom line with my studio clients. Solidarity!!

I’m not anti-union in the least. But I think being realistic, in our corner of the internet with our particular anxieties in our particular field, I’m not seeing a very high strike likelihood. I don’t see how anyone, the AMPTP, IATSE, the US movie and tv landscape as a whole could really afford that.

Sounds like a great opportunity for VFX to join…