Writer’s strike to hopefully end on Thursday!


Whenever I see or read anything about the SAG strike does Team America immediately come to mind? It’s oh so wrong yet oh so right…

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I got all excited for a hot second then realized there’s two more strikes going on that are really hammering Flame artists.

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Fingers and eyes crossed…

Hollywood screenwriters and studios reach tentative deal to resolve strike

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How does the strike affect the “commercial market”? If at all? Does the commercial market has felt a low after the writers and actors strike? Asking as someone not from the US.

Commercials are under different contracts, so the strike has not really effected us in the ad biz. But only a few of us are strictly commercials here.

There was some minor impact with idled artists flooding other segments and competing for jobs. But it really only affected the artist supply, not the job supply.

SAG works under a separate “commercials contract.”

Indeed, agency copy writers are not even members of the guild. I was referring to the joint strike force in general. Hopefully SAG will settle soon as well. That strike is far more worrisome.

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