WGA Officially On Strike After Studio Talks Fail; Picket Lines Start Tuesday

Hunker down, friends :heart:

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As troubling as this may be for our side of the industry, I stand with the WGA members on this. The deal they’ve been getting is incredibly raw. And then to throw AI into the conversation is just salt in the wound. I found this quote interesting

“WGA proposals would gain writers approximately $429 million per year; AMPTP’s offer is approximately $86 million per year, 48% of which is from the minimums increase,”

And now what the two co-CEOs of Netflix pulled in as compensation last year, and think about that $86 million they’re offering:


i’m in agreement with @BrittCiampa however it’s always easy to point to the CEOs pay, at any company. I think the more telling data point are studio profits over the last few years

  • Disney gross profit for the twelve months ending December 31, 2022 was $28.195B, a 12.49% increase year-over-year.

Even before the strike was announced there was a pre-burn effect with projects/shows being held off due to the uncertainty. 15 years ago, before the strike, production was being rushed to get as much in before the strike as possible. This time it’s the opposite approach.

However long the strike lasts, there is also the tail effect afterwards of weeks+ to get things back in motion.