IATSE Strike

Just in time for silly season.

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Anybody’s thoughts? Is this going to shut down visual effects work?

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It’s fucking awesome to see such solidarity. :fist:


It’s going to affect features and episodic work for sure IMO. It doesn’t affect commercials from what I’ve heard, so…fingers crossed?

I don’t think you could get 90% of Flame Artists to agree on anything

I’d join a Flame Union
  • Yes
  • No

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That’s bullshit @randy

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told ya. it only took 4 minutes. :slight_smile:

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I would without question.

In LA right now freelance flame ops are required to be on W2 but rarely work at one shop long enough to qualify for health benefits, so you get none of the advantages of being staff and all of the disadvantages. If we had a union we’d all be on the union health plan and could move companies without worry (which would also apply for staff people who may only be staying at their jobs due to being tied to health insurance).

Unions rule!


I agree with your statement re: getting health benefits with a union, but it is absolutely not true that in LA, freelance flame ops are all required to be on W2. If you want to work with the mega-big VFX houses in town, sure. But you’d be surprised how many shops are willing to pay ppl as independent contractors.

To your original point about big shops gaming the system, yes. It’s ridiculous. Places will hire you for a short term gig, and you will not qualify for health benefits. A union situation for VFX artists would be intriguing, and I’d be into entertaining it, for sure… I’m just not sure if that train has already left the station…

I would totally join a union. There’s too many things that the large facilities get away with that is absolutely ridiculous. Forcing temp w2 status, no OT, no weekend rates. For my family of 5 I spend almost 2 days wages working just to afford some kinda health insurance.

If you’re a big company and you force me to w2, at least pay me a 30% more and at least given me access to a 401k.

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I was joking of course but I don’t think you’re wrong. That’s sort of been systematically proven over the years….


Damn. I was hoping for some entertainment!

Shouldn’t a trade group be able to offer a group rate for insurance? I know the VES has an option, but when I looked it was the exact same price I was paying as an IC.

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What do you think I’m using? :slight_smile: It’s jokingly slightly better than paying full price.

Legally, they are.

If you are a flame artist using your own equipment and own license, you certainly don’t. You would be considered a vendor.

Besides that, if you’re only being hired for a couple/few weeks at a time, I think any person looking not to be taken advantage of would seek to be paid as an IC.

I agree and the law is clearly not designed for folks like us.

The fucked up thing is Uber–exactly the type of operation that the law is DESIGNED for got around it.

Which brings me back to the point of the day: everyone should have unions to stand up for them, because it’s clear that no one else will.