illegal_Action_Names: Bug or feature?

I loaded some psd’s into action. Some of the axis names have spaces. If I copy the action node, the spaces are filled with _. Names with spaces cannot be linked to, so I need to fix them. I thought that action automagically legalized names. Is this not true? Was it once true but now isn’t? I would not care, except that illegally named nodes cannot be linked to.

2023.3 on Rocky

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Flame somehow never legalizes them while importing. You can even import media with ‘/’ in it and as soon as you export it back, flame will create folders based on them in the filename.
At least we can be happy the software won’t freeze and die anymore as soon as it’s seeing some unknown characters on the mediahub like some versions ago.

Not to mention archive comments where flame itself uses illegal characters for the date/time…

Oh, I have had characters in folder/file names that literally crashed Flame. Took a lot of digging until we renamed the culprits.