ProRes 4444 not readable by Flame

I have a ProRes4444 clip from the color house that playse fine in quicktime but flame does not import it. I can see the clip in the media hub (no preview) but I get this error message when i click it.Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 5.00.13 PM


Gave it a go, still nothing.

Possible? How do I change permissions other than through “get info” in MacOS? In MacOS permissions everything is set to read and write.

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Welp figured it out. There was a bracket in the filename that I didn’t notice. Deleted that and all is well. Ha!

Then that’s likely not it. Try copying the file to your local flame’s Framestore. On linux its in /mnt/StorageMedia if I remember correctly.

And is there another ProRes laying around that you can put at the same path?

Any illegal file characters?

It was a bracket in the file name.

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Who in the heck puts brackets in file names? Savages!

Colorists. ha!

It’s only a matter of time before some zoomer puts an emoji in a file name.

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Old timer story:
So this is back when flame was not fully resolution independent and large files needed to be brought in in smaller bits and tiled together. There were command line scripts for doing this in the background, but they demanded that you lay out the path names and it was important that the path names remain consistent in order to maintain any degree of efficiency. The client was a famous cg and design company, yet I thought they were a bunch of fuck nuts. They could never keep to a naming convention, sometimes using initial caps, sometimes all caps; it was like they made it up at random as they went. But the biggest issue was the funny f sign that apple used to put on their folders. f for fuck-you-up. So one of the bozos was there with me while I was struggling to hunt down yet another issue in a failed import, and I said “It’s another one of the stupid fucking f symbols in the path name” and the little shithead says “Yeah, there’s something about that in our procedures book.”