I'm having issues with my frame store, are there any engineers (Or back-end savvy artists) available today to help me rebuild?


I’m in a pinch & could use help if anyone is available to remote into my machine & hook me up.
Happy to pay your full day rate too.

I’m on a Mac & locked out of flame.

Here’s a preview of the shell:

The Stone+Wire database server is offline. It can be restarted with the Service Monitor.
Unable to connect to Stone+Wire Database server on host ‘localhost’ port 7261: Connection refused.
Could not retrieve S+W Database server version: Database server not running.
Database server not running
ERROR: Failed to initialize Stone+Wire connection: Initialization failed
Could not initialize S+W: Initialization failed
Stopping managed threads.

I have a handful of longform projects that are probably throwing the frame count off.