Include Custom medatadas in exports

Hi. I need to export ProRes Masters from Flame and client asked us to embed custom Metadatas in the ProRes files (client name, director etc…)
Is there a way to to that directly from Flame and, if not, how would you deal with that request?



Adobe Bridge, perhaps. After export, of course, but I think you can do it to many clips at once.

Thx for the feedback. I will give that a try!

I think you can do it with DaVinci also, but I don’t know if you can do it in bulk. Also, I don’t know what they are expecting to read the metadata on, so even if you can write it with these applications, I don’t know that they can read it.

Let us know how that all worked out for you when you can!

If you have ffmpeg and like typing:

ffmpeg -i -c copy -movflags +use_metadata_tags -metadata Client="Some Client" -metadata Director="Some Director"

This will just remux to and add metadata. Add as many -metadata key=value pairs as needed – common key names and formats vary but you can kind of put anything you want (I mean, look at a ProRes clip from an Alexa :smiley: )


I made a first test with ffmpeg via a GUI named ff-works and it seems to do what I want and is easy to use.
Surely less flexible than a terminal command as there are only a few pre defined metadata lines available but really enough for the client request… Thank you all.

Will try further with command lines as ManChicken said just to see.

If it works, it works!

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