Ingesting Dolby Vision ProRes into Flame

Hey all, we received ProRes 4444 files from CO3 that says SDR > REC709_Gamma2-4_100nit, but the Flame is seeing the color space as DCI-P3 (D65 White). Trying to figure out how to tag this on import so we get the proper image to match what CO3 shipped as the Dolby Vision.
Thank you for any help!

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From my experience, DCI-P3 (D65 White) would have been their working HDR colorspace. If your file is an SDR pass, then it should be Rec709 Gamma 2.4 100 nits, or video.

Granted, I realize this is ‘should’. I primarily work in video only, but that’s how I’ve always been able to work with SDR passes. If there’s an issue still, it might be related to tagging within your project or the file’s metadata.

Thanks Mike, It seems like CO3’s output was incorrectly tagged. Looks like this is their Dolby Vision PQ grade, which is why it’s looking incorrect in Flame. We’re just having them re-render for us which should solve our issue.


Alternately you could request the DoVi xml and save them exporting and you downloading the sdr master