Exporting to color for Dolby Vision grade

Hey Everyone,

I’m currently running some tests with company 3 and i can’t seem to find the right export setting for them. A little background, it’s a spot that is going to be getting special dolby atmos color (no idea how that’s any different, I thought atmos was sound only) and they’re requesting a ProRes 444 XQ. Everything was shot on red and all my debayer settings seem to be correct as far as I can tell but my export doesn’t look quite right. I suggested I publish a sequence for them and they can reconnect the camera raw and I would provide them my comp renders but I got the old, we can’t do that thing that we do everyday of our lives on this one.

Anyone have any experience with this? Perhaps my export is tagged wrong or I need to apply a tagging to it?

Aside from the ProRes444XQ did they give you any color space specs?

sounds like someone confused dolby vision with dolby atmos?

Anyhow, what are CO3s specs? if your debayer settings are what they want , probably Log3g10/RedWideGamut and if you dont run colormanaged (legacy mode) should really be all , tagging wont matter at all as they will
import this into baselight/resolve/nucoda.

Now my guess is that there is sonething liek a embedded lut or metadata curves, metadata whitebalance or whatever in the r3d that you have checked/not-checked and co3 is doing something different thus you get a mismatch. Its usually this (thats why ideally there is one DI place that develops the r3d rushes and gives everyone the correct files to begin with…)

Should be no different than delivering to color like always, you dont care about the dolby vision part (unless you need to master this later).

some more info would be good, how is not matching and where are you comparing things? you cant really compare a r3d to your prores render and the r3d rendition will
depend on whatever app you are using - resolve might default to something you dont want its a bit tricky with red.

They are claiming my exports are not importing correctly on their end and that it appears to have more contrast. It is indeed Log3g10?RedWideGamutRGB and everything was debayered properly and tagged as such. However, my project is setup in legacy mode, am I screwed, how can I ensure the tagging is correct on export?

They’re asking for everything back as Log3G10/RedWideGamut, everything is tagged and debayered correctly just doesn’t seem to be exporting properly.

The problem seems to be the tagging of the ProRes4444 XQ, if I export an OpenEXR the tagging is fine and the img sequence looks flat and correct.

there are no tagging issues, unless you are opening it in quicktime. which doesnt matter

Legacy is good, I dont quiet unterstand what are you comparing and what has more contrast - espeically where does it have more contrast? In resolve?

If you import the exported prores back into flame, does it match what you expect?

It does not come back into flame properly. I export it as is all tagged Log3G10/RedWideGamut in the flame but when i navigate to the file in the media hub under the color space column it indicates unknown.

But when I export OpenEXR it is tagged correctly and previews correctly through the mediahub viewer.

Yup. That makes sense. Remember files on a server don’t have color management. The Flame app does. So you need to tell it what it is.

it can write metadata into exrs but not into quicktimes, this is very normal. and doesnt matter at all.

pull the render into batch (whatever tagging, doesnt matter) turn off the viewer process (i thought you are in legacy mode? why do you even have viewer stuff? just set it to bypass) then compare source and render they should match no matter how they are tagged,

I assume they mean Dolby Vision, which is for HDR color. Dolby Atmos is for sound indeed. Maybe that helps with Google/forum searches in the topic.

Dolby Vision does include special metadata on how to handle trims in display.

In this case he would also need a dolby vision license, pretty sure its just delivering shots to color /finishinf :smiley:

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Curious if they were actually bringing my ProRes tests into resolve or jsut looking at them through quicktime honestly. Seems odd that they wouldn’t work.