iPhone LiDAR workflows

What’s your favorite or preferred pipeline of iPhone LiDAR into flame and or Syntheyes?


I’ve been using Polycam, which works surprisingly well and, for a small fee, will export obj or fbx meshes that you can pop straight into syntheyes or clean up with your favorite 3D software.

I hesitate to call this a “workflow” though, since I haven’t used it in production and honestly haven’t even really gotten it to work.

I recently used a more professionally acquired LiDAR scan to constrain the solver and that worked pretty well, so my new mission is to figure out what the difference is by endlessly scanning and filming my office.

I found this tutorial quite helpful, btw:


Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!

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No Lidar specific, but in these tutorial series the tutor goes through a start to finish process of an vfx shot, including 3d scan creation and tracking.
Here are two relevant episodes:

His tracking tutorials are pretty awesome.
He does have a few Lidar specific videos:


Hmm my FBX from Polycam are coming into Flame but the textures are all solid colors. Anybody brought textures in with their geo yet?

ah! got it. Deleting the Material node woke up the scene and all is well.

That was easy.

Was using Polycam but someone recommended Omniscient… Looks great, but the interface a little confusing.